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Customs of Italian weddings

The majority of Italian ceremonies take place in churches. The priest oversees the wedding and praises the few. The brides’ relationship is sealed by the trade of rings and vows. The bride and groom party in a sphere called La Tarantella during the greeting. A exciting traditions dance that combines custom and enjoyment.

Rice is traditionally thrown at the partners after the wedding as a sign of fertility. It is recommended to use a type of treated rice so that the powder does n’t stain the groom’s suit or tuxedo because frequently there is also confetti. Additionally, it is typical to present each guest with a bomboniere. A present, confetti ( sugared almonds ), and printed ribbons are included in the bomboniere, which is a small gift. It’s crucial that the bomboniere’s spiced pistachios become marked with an unusual quantity, like five or seven.

La Serenata, a wonderful custom, is practiced in the north of Italy. The groom gathers his associates to accomplish live renditions of romance or couple-related tunes for his future wife, singing abilities required! For this special performance, the groom may choose a band or musicians if he is n’t a good singer.

The partners does usually have a receiving line as the evening progresses, where friends and family send them money in letters known as la focusing. The gifts are typically collected by the best guy and the maid of honor. The groom typically gives the bride’s bouquet as a gift because she does n’t pick the flowers or design it herself.

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