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five Reasons to Apply User Info Storage in Your Android Application

User info storage is a area of the Android file system in which apps store persistent iphone app data. It provides information just like app adjustments, preferences, and media content. The location where you save the user data depends on your needs and can be external (such seeing that an SD card) or internal.

Identify which data you need to retail store and how very much space it takes. For instance , you should use interior storage once your app shops data that shouldn’t be accessible from other programs and that should end up being visible to the user.

To get structured info, you can save this in a database. This makes certain that the data will stay consistent throughout your application and equipment if the device is offline.

Keep your customer data private and secure

When keeping sensitive consumer data, you should think about encrypting it to make it privately owned to the iphone app and to the consumer. Auth0 supplies a secure cloud-based storage solution for this type of data, or you may use your own personal custom data source.

Maintaining customer data upon different products

If you have an app that is designed to work on multiple products, a reliable method to preserve your user’s data and personal preferences is to save them within an internal storage area directory. This is especially essential if your iphone app is used with a large number of persons.

Automatically copying app data for re-installation or substitution

For apps targeting Android os 6. 0 and higher, Android equipment automatically back-up all application data. That is done without you writing any additional code and does not matter against your own personal Google Drive quarter.

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