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graphics card Minecraft unplayable not using 100% GPU

Screenshots make it easier to drive your point home and dispel any ambiguity or incoherence. Most software download this source guides, manuals and technical tutorials rely heavily on screenshots to make it easier for clients to follow the instructions and get it right. Next, to edit the screen capture, use the TweakShot image editor in which the captured screenshot will open.

  • Fortunately, you can uninstall a Feature or Cumulative update by booting into the Windows Recovery Environment .
  • It’s simple and swift and lets you edit the file before saving it.
  • If your device doesn’t have the PrtSc key, use Fn + Windows logo key + Space Bar to capture the screen.

Just three simple steps can help you make a system recovery drive. And then, you can restore Windows 10 from the recovery drive whenever you need it. It is easier and faster than reinstalling Windows 10 from an installation CD. Here, we created troubleshooting solutions to reinstall windows 10 without losing data.

How to take ScreenShot on Windows 10 PC (Computer/Laptop)

Photo Repair Repair corrupted images of different formats in one go. Hit the Record button to initiate the screen capturing process on Dell Laptop/PC. Click on the very first relevant result that appears on your screen. Here are instructions for taking a screenshot of part of your screen in Windows and on a Mac.

In order to create/modify a symlink, you must be running as an admin, and you must get around Windows UAC . Luckily, this is a challenge I already solved with some helper scripts in node-windows. As a result, NVM for Windows maintains a single symlink that is put in the system PATH during installation only. Switching to different versions of node is a matter of switching the symlink target.

WiFi connectivity issues & more

Go to Microsoft download center and go to the windows 10 area. There may be some confusion, but when using the Allowlist/Blocklist, the checkmark means it is on the blocklist, and that it will be removed. You can choose to either ‘Debloat’ or ‘Revert’. Depending on your choice, either one will run specific code to either debloat your Windows 10 machine. There are now 3 versions of Windows10Debloater – There is an interactive version, a GUI app version, and a pure silent version. Wildcard is implied so try to be specific enough to not overlap with apps you do want removed.

How to roll back Windows 11

If you don’t have an active subscription, the app will offer you a free trial before requiring payment. There are a few reasons why Photos may not open on your computer. First, make sure that the Photos app is installed and up to date.

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