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The Impact Of Technological Change On Business Activity

Here, someone is asking their network if they know someone who can provide a given service. Encourage your sphere of influence to spread the word in these situations. While they may not come around often for some of us, other people are known for being experts on who’s good at what. Smart real estate agents and salespeople take it one step further by leveraging company information and sharing it in social media with their networks to both keep in touch with and influence their sphere of influence. I have seen savvy salespeople even curate 3rd part content that is geared not towards promoting their own company but in supporting their sphere of influence.

IT influences businesses

These technologies are reducing third-party intermediaries, automating processes, reducing errors, ensuring safety, and so on. In the long run, this will reduce the investment required to start a business without affecting sales. Small business owners may consider outsourcing some operations if they do not have the proper facilities or available manpower. Outsourcing technology also allows businesses to outsource function to the least expensive areas possible, including foreign countries. Business owners can also use technology to create secure environments for maintaining sensitive business or consumer information. Many types of business technology or software programs are user-friendly and allow business owners with only minor backgrounds in information technology to make the most of their tools and features.

First, the Realtor influences the buyer to choose a particular house, based on his or her experience and professional judgement. Over time, the Realtor will get more referrals, and the person making the referral will become more trusted as reliability is proven. Some Realtors will send postcards or similar on occasion to let a buyer or seller know they’re still in business, just in case the need for another real estate transaction arises. As you can see, spheres of influence in politics are as strong as ever today, but they are also a force in business and personal relationships. And when we convert that sphere of influence digitally, it becomes a powerful form of influencer collaboration that can drive real business. Both of these developments have made the United States tap into its own spheres of influence in the European Economic Union, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia in order to counter-balance their efforts.

As people read your posts and follow your recommendations, they’ll begin to see you as an expert. It doesn’t really matter what subject you’re blogging about, but as a general rule you’ll want to talk about your specific niche for best results. Another related issue is the ambiguous approach in defining EO, either as a one-dimensional concept or a multi-dimensional notion. While Miller treated EO as a one-dimensional construct consisting of three aspects, Lumpkin & Dess treated EO as a multi-dimensional construct comprising five dimensions. The different approach in defining EO is a methodological aspect that needs to be considered in comparing and discussing findings from different studies.

Technical support and customer service are two common function companies outsource. Even fundamental business tech can have a major impact on employee performance. For example, by placing IT Consulting in Business employee-performance appraisal information in an online framework, supervisors can easily create measurable goals for their employees to reach and sustain company objectives.

Political Stability

Among the more effective tools for leveraging a sphere of influence which is also the most under-utilized by many is social media. Similar to real estate agents, though, professional relationships are also an important part of an insurance salesperson’s sphere of influence. Many citizens, politicians, and political activists voice concern about the political influence of business in the European Union. Contrary to expectations, this book shows that business interests are no more influential than other interests in shaping contemporary EU policies. Andreas Dür, David Marshall, and Patrick Bernhagen present an original argument that stresses the role of public actors in facilitating or impeding interest groups’ lobbying success. Novel data on a large number of legislative proposals on the EU’s agenda and three case studies present strong support for this argument.

The market environment of a business may have an impact on the relationship between EO and performance. In countries with high government support for innovation and new business exploration potential, entrepreneurs may be more willing to take risks than those from countries with low, or even without government support. Subsequently, the relationship between EO and business performance may be subjected to the market environment where the business operates, i.e. location. Business operation in developing countries is said to have a different market environment from that of developed countries, thus, requiring further research on EO that may also lead to the discovery of new dimensions.

IT influences businesses

A leader is often expected to be a visionary for a company, leading it toward increased productivity and profits. Leaders can also influence how business is conducted, within the company, and with customers and clientele. A poor leader can negatively affect a company’s performance and operations, and can be detrimental to business. Rather than just selling consumer goods or services in the local market, small businesses can reach regional, national and international markets. Retail websites are the most common way small businesses sell products in several different economic markets.

Even a simple Google account will let you know where your visitors are from, what type of browser they’re using, how they found your website, what they do while on it, how long they stay, and at which point they decided to leave. In summary, consider the following ways that technology has changed business. Dr. Zhixing Xu is an assistant professor at the Department of Human Resource Management, Beijing Normal University. Zhixing received his Ph.D. in Moral Psychology from Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests include business ethics and organizational… All our posters are printed on 170-gsm gloss paper to provide a bright and vibrant finish.

This external element of business includes the effects of pressure groups. Jim decides to purchase a new dishwasher, but before he heads out to the store he sits in his recliner and searches the Internet for dishwashers. He reads customer reviews and narrows his selection to 2 different models. He then goes to the websites of the companies that manufacture the two dishwashers and looks at the specifications, reads the warranty information and watches videos of people installing the dishwasher. While he is watching one of the videos a small box pops up and offers “live chat” with a customer service representative of Brand X.

Economical Influences

Some firms survive and grow by offering bribes to government officials. The success and growth of these companies are not based on the value they offer to consumers. Increase or decrease in tax could be an example of a political element. Your government might increase taxes for some companies and lower it for others. Government interventions like shifts in interest rate can have an effect on the demand patterns of company. There are many legal actions that influence businesses and basically tell them what they can or can’t do.

IT influences businesses

Websites represent a low-cost option that consumers can access 24/7 when needing to purchase goods or services. Small business owners can also use internet advertising to reach new markets and customers through carefully placed web banners or ads. Even a relatable photo of yourself will maintain mindshare with your sphere of influence who, like the rest of us, spend more and more time on social media. One of the challenges that sales and marketing professionals face is keeping track of their efforts to expand their sphere of influence as well as regularly keeping in touch with them to maintain top of mind mindshare.

Oligopoly In Retail Market Structures

Basic enterprise software enables a firm to automate back office functions, such as record keeping, accounting and payroll. Mobile tech allows home offices and field reps to interact in real time. For example, field reps can use mobile apps to record their daily expenses as they incur them and have them sync automatically with accounting software back at the office. Download a free preview of the definitive book on influencer marketing, The Age of Influence.

IT influences businesses

The Consumer Price Index remained near 40-year highs in April, hitting an annual increase of 8.3% while inflation adjusted earnings for workers decreased 2.3% year over year. Looking only at food prices, this category rose 9.4% annually, second only to energy prices. No part of the American economy has been immune from the sting of inflation – whether through volatility in commodity markets to supply chain disruptions and misalignments in the demand side of the economy. This is on top of gas prices hitting an all-time record high on May 10 and a Q1 GDP contraction of 1.4%. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

So basically it is essential for businesses to be affected by internal influences in a positive way. President of the social media agency PDCA Social, Neal also teaches digital media to executives at Rutgers University, the Irish Management Institute , and the University of Jyvaskyla . Fluent in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, Neal is a popular keynote speaker and has been invited to speak about digital media on four continents in a dozen countries.

Technology Helps In Developing Marketing Strategies

Hence, autonomy is one of the characteristics of entrepreneurial orientation. Autonomous orientation refers to the extent of autonomy that employees and managers are given in making decisions that can benefit their business (Lumpkin & Dess, 2011). A business with high levels of autonomy offers benefits, such as a quicker decision-making process, a cost-saving effort due to shortened procedures, and improved staff morale due to staff empowerment as part of the decision-making process. However, the issue with autonomous orientation does not depend on the intensity of the autonomy being practiced in a business, but rely on the effectiveness of the autonomous practice that contributes to business performance.

This study aimed to suggest possible contextual factors for future research in investigating the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and business performance. The development of entrepreneurship as a body of knowledge has gained interest among researchers; entrepreneurial orientation has become one of the most reported research topics in the literature of entrepreneurship (George & Marino, 2011). Theoretically, a firm with higher levels of entrepreneurial orientation would probably achieve higher performance. Numerous studies have explored EO’s promising strategic roles for businesses to attain their targeted performance. Although a stream of researchers has managed to support this correlation, other have failed to do so. Having said this, calling for more research is necessary to investigate the remaining unresolved issues in linking EO to business performance.

  • There is no doubt that over time businesses and the way in which businesses are run have dramatically changed.
  • Globalisation is also an important fact of geographical issues, due to globalisation Australia is not tied down just to trade goods and services throughout Australia, but how ever to do so around the entire world.
  • Outsourcing can help companies lower costs and focus on completing the business function they do best.
  • Small business owners can also use internet advertising to reach new markets and customers through carefully placed web banners or ads.
  • Politicians on both sides of the aisle are positioning themselves as the champion of the average American and stressing how they feel the pain of inflation, too.

Internal influences for eg can be explained as factors that a business can use and apply to help determine the success of their business, such as the location in which they choose to place their business. External can be explained by using the example of a economic recession, this can affect the business in many negative ways such as letting employers go. There is no doubt that over time businesses and the way in which businesses are run have dramatically changed. Management has been a part of business that has been changed in an effective way.

Institutional Influences

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The more you are considered an influencer, the more your sphere of influence will listen to you and the easier it will be to expand your influence. If there’s one thing that sales professionals are known for, it’s constant networking and follow up. Some will search LinkedIn for prospects, and others attend conferences.

What Is A Sphere Of Influence And How To Leverage One For Business

Additional studies on this insignificant relationship between EO and performance may provide further theoretical or methodological explanation. Extending the study to various types of firm was necessary to add to the body of knowledge, because different types of firm may respond differently to the impacts of EO on business performance. To further testify the stability of EO as a business performance predictor, a study on EO has also been conducted during an economic crisis (Kraus et al., 2012), as an extension to the studies that have been conducted during stable economy. A business has to be entrepreneurial so as to achieve and sustain the business goal. Being entrepreneurial is an antecedent for achieving business performance (Kraus et al., 2012). This can be attained by means such as offering marketable products and services (Schaper & Volery, 2004).

As such, they reported a positive relationship between innovativeness and R&D performance. The same relationship was reported for proactiveness and performance in marketing and sales. However, the relationship between risk taking and production performance reported a negative correlation.

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