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Tips to Fight Addiction and Loneliness

Our counselors, therapists and friendly team are intentional in creating an atmosphere that is safe and supportive. The next time you feel loneliness in recovery, replace that feeling with the joys of solitude. It’s simply your soul telling you it needs replenished and enriched by you and you alone. No- with successful buprenorphine treatment, the compulsive behavior, the loss of control of drug use, the constant cravings, and all of the loneliness and addiction other hallmarks of addiction vanish. When all signs and symptoms of the disease of addiction vanish, we call that remission, not switching addictions. With the increase of online interaction and the regulation and reduction of in-person meetings, loneliness is rising. Although alcohol or drug use might seem like an appealing, quick answer to your loneliness, consider reaching out to a therapist to help you find healthier coping methods.

loneliness and addiction

A therapist can help you create healthy coping methods, meaning you’ll be less likely to relapse or turn to alcohol or drugs in this challenging time. Loneliness can easily hook use into a downward spiral of self-hatred and despair and a strong desire to numb the negative feelings or to forget them-with alcohol or drugs or risky behavior. When you begin to feel extended loneliness, try to jolt the body and mind out of the downward spiral. It is an inarguable fact that loneliness, social isolation, and lack of connectedness are a reality in the post-modern, technology- driven, industrialized, 21st century world. To assess the loneliness, the Iranian short version of the social and emotional loneliness scale for adults (SELSA-S) was employed. They have reported Cronbach alpha of 0.87 to 0.90 for this questionnaire.

Six Ways to Boost Your Willpower for Addiction Recovery

Thus, it is suggested to consider the feeling of loneliness in all programs designed to prevent or treat addiction. Recovering addicts often state that overcoming loneliness in addiction recovery is sometimes harder than detoxing. While inmedical detox, addicts receive medications to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Instead, ex-addicts must learn to be comfortable with themselves without escaping into drugs or alcohol. They must learn to take advantage of solitude and enjoy being with the human being they are and have always been. When first introduced to a drug rehab program, it’s normal to feel lonely.

  • According to McWhirter, the reliability of this scale was 82% .
  • Addiction recovery is a difficult journey, and sometimes it can also feel like a very lonely one.
  • A strong support system can reduce the risk of depression, self-harm, and aid individuals recover from addiction.
  • We are here to explore the link between loneliness and addiction and the vicious cycle they can create — and to help you choose a life of recovery.
  • If a medication helps stop the damaging addictive behavior, then that is successful treatment and not switching one addiction for another.

Since alcohol is a depressant, it can increase your loneliness. To cope with the increased sadness and loneliness, people may then return to alcohol to numb the pain. Further studies on both rats and humans have found a link between isolation and substance use, as well as between connectedness, peer pressure, and recreational drug use. Several pioneering rat studies have shown the relationship between substance use and peer relationship, most famously the seminal Rat Park experiment in the 1970s by Dr. Bruce Alexander.

Managing Lonely Feelings

That’s why it’s incredibly important to find people to connect with in recovery in order to build a healthier social network. Many people feel lonely during addiction recovery as their normal social circle is stripped away. Most of those who struggle with addiction surrounded themselves with other people with addiction. They do this to feel better about what they’re doing and not get lectured. However, in addiction recovery, the last thing you want to do is be part of a toxic social circle that might encourage you to use again. It’s important to remember that loneliness isn’t just the absence of companionship; it’s the presence of psychological stress. Studies have shown that loneliness is linked to a greater likelihood of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and psychological distress.

  • To achieve long-term recovery from drug addiction, it’s vital to tackle both addiction to drugs and mental health issue at the same time.
  • When you enter into addiction treatment, it’s important to find a supportive community to help you in your addiction recovery process.
  • Accordingly, university students and university students and educators are advised to pay attention to loneliness and family communication, as these factors play an important role in addiction potential.
  • Doing this should help the loneliness on even the darkest days.
  • Treatment and therapy can help you overcome your addiction, acknowledge where you went wrong, and begin to mend relationships you broke while intoxicated.
  • Loneliness can exacerbate either condition if they are not treated as soon as possible.

However, those struggling with loneliness often use these substances as a substitute for healthy interpersonal relationships. This is similar to connecting with yourself and is something you likely learned in cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. In order to deal with your feelings of loneliness and depression, you have to confront them and recognize them. The inability to do this is often why people begin using drugs or alcohol in the first place. To deal with these emotions in a healthy way, you have to confront them and then accept them.

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It’s equally important, however, to listen actively and be present when someone else needs you for his or her own support. Substance abuse is often the unexpected side effect of improper pain treatment, or repeated, recreational use of prescription pain medications or heroin. Regardless of how dependence begins, once it has developed, it is considered a disease that must be medically treated. Per current guidelines, we see clients weekly for the first month.

Analyses were conducted by first calculating descriptive statistics for all variables. These are reported as means and standard deviations for continuous variables and as frequencies and relational proportions (%) for categorical variables. Employing the cognitive discrepancy loneliness model, this study aimed to provide a social psychological perspective on youth addictions. Some people may even make themselves available if you feel like you need someone to talk to. Going to meetings regularly also gives structure to your day so that if you do feel lonely, you have a definite idea of when that might end.

How Is Loneliness Linked to Drugs and Alcohol?

After explaining the main objectives of the study, while following ethical considerations, the participants filled out the questionnaires on loneliness, family communication, and addiction potential. The present study aimed to examine the effect of loneliness and family communication on addiction potential. Many people have been quarantining to help keep themselves and others safe in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the pandemic has been going on for over a year, individuals are beginning to feel the effects of self-isolation. Loneliness is rampant, and many people are struggling to cope with the symptoms caused by it.

When people come to this point, they may be at risk of becoming even more unwell due to their substance abuse. Not only will they become more susceptible to health conditions like kidney and liver problems or brain damage; they may also be increasingly vulnerable to death by suicide. Thus, it becomes all the more necessary to help them envision a future where they are healthy and emotionally fulfilled.

The link between loneliness and addiction

If you’re feeling lonely in recovery, here are some suggestions for what to do about it. Accept your emotions.Even if you have a healthy support system in place, it’s normal to feel lonely from time to time. If you are seeking treatment for adual diagnosis, rest assured that your treatment is addressing your needs.

loneliness and addiction

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